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Emergencies come unannounced and can be diverse in their nature. While there’s nothing you can do to avert them, there are certainly a few precautions you can take to mitigate the risks associated with it. For instance, you can store the number of the nearest hospital on your speed dial, just in case you need it. Likewise, it’s also wise to save the number of a 24 hour emergency locksmith , who’ll help you out of a tight spot.

Why would you need it?

Perhaps, this incident will urge you to find a reliable locksmith right away.

 Fairfax Lock And Keys Fairfax, VA 703-445-3546Despite noticeable signs of wear and tear on the key, a client chose to ignore it until one fine day; the key fob stopped working altogether. With a 2-year-old kid locked within, and being caught in a strange locality, there was nothing the client could do except call random numbers she picked off the internet. After several dropped calls, service denials and false promises, she thankfully found us. After half an hour, she was safely back inside the vehicle and on her way home. Simply imagining the outcome of the event, if we hadn’t turned up on time, seems horrific.

For this reason, it’s always better to stay on the safer side and save the number of a 24 hour emergency locksmith on speed dial, so that you’re not left scrambling for help when you need it. If you happen to live in Fairfax, VA area, luckily, you’ve found Fairfax Lock And Keys.

Why hire us?

Reliability and reputation

Ask anyone in and around Fairfax who they turn to in case of lock & key emergencies – and the answer you’ll likely hear is Fairfax Lock And Keys. Building trust and earning a positive reputation is an uphill task, and it’s something we’ve managed to accomplish, thanks to the effort and time we’ve invested in it.

Always available

Our 24/7 helplines are always open, and any time you call you’ll never be left unanswered or denied service. No matter when you call us, a friendly representative will listen to your requirements and dispatch a 24 hour emergency lock smith to your location right away.

No extra charges

There are multiple reasons why we’re popular and one of them is down to the flat rates we offer. Generally, the prices offered by other locksmiths will fluctuate depending upon the time or the urgency of the situation. However, with us, you don’t have to fear heavy bills and inconsiderate charges.

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