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If you’ve ever used a keyless lock or have seen it advertised somewhere, you might never look upon your locks the same way again. Unlocking locks with a key, the old-fashioned way, might seem like a chore. It isn’t just about the enhanced convenience these state-of-the-art systems offer, they’ve got a range of other benefits as well. However, commercial properties stand to gain the most from the installation of keyless entry locks, commercial grade. How? Read on:

  • Restrict access:

Do you want to designate access to a specific zone to a particular group of employees? These systems will allow just that!

  • Quick reconfiguration:

If a key is stolen or once an employee is fired, as a precautionary measure a locksmith is called and the locks are rekeyed. Keyless entry locks for commercial properties allow you to reset the system more quickly and easily.

  • Low maintenance:

You can just about forget it after installation. Unlike mechanical systems, they do not require periodic maintenance.

  • Bolsters security level :

Unlike keys which can be easily duplicated at a local hardware shop, these systems have addressed this potential flaw in security by eliminating the need for keys to open locks.

Talk to the experts:

This isn’t your average accessory that adds a futuristic appeal to your business, but it’s so much more. Their full potential can only be unearthed by someone who knows his/her way around it and has worked with such systems in the past. Fairfax Lock And Keys, being the professional locksmithing firm that it is, knows the various keyless entry locks for commercial applications available and can install the right one for your property.

How do we pick the right one?

 Fairfax Lock And Keys Fairfax, VA 703-445-3546With a multitude of options available it might seem quite confusing to pick out the right one, however, once you knock on our doors, there’s no need to worry. We’ll assess your property, carefully analyze your requirements and suggest a keyless entry lock of commercial grade that seems like it’s been made just for you. For instance, a storage room can be equipped with a keypad lock whereas the front door can be armed with a card access system that’s the perfect option if you want to record the check-in and check-out time of employees.

There are unlimited benefits these systems can offer you. Explore more by getting a free consultation from our experts in Fairfax, VA area. Go keyless today!